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Why Choose a B&B?

Updated: 1 day ago

B&B exterior view

The inns of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association have something to offer almost any guest coming to Asheville.  From historic neighborhoods to mountain lodges, our distinctive inns offer breakfast, personal service and other amenities that rival 5-star resorts.  If you are new to the B&B experience, read along as innkeeper Sam from Princess Anne Hotel gives her spin on the B&B experience:

Ask almost anyone what a B&B is and the first thing they say is "Airbnb?”

A B&B (bed and breakfast) is the farthest thing from an Airbnb, especially as far as experience is concerned. In fact, Airbnb doesn’t even give you the second b! There is a small community in a few parts of the states where B&Bs are options for your accommodations. Asheville has one of the largest communities of inns with over 30 options.

Our community offers accommodations from 4 rooms to 16. The breakfast is made fresh daily with local ingredients from the abundance of farmers that we are so lucky to have within our reach! Many of our inns also offer an afternoon wine or hors d’oeuvres reception, complimentary!

A B&B is a more personal experience than a chain hotel. B&Bs are usually owner operated or have a manager/staff living on the property. Because of the smaller number of rooms, our innkeepers have more time to focus on their guests and tailoring each visit individually. We get out and explore Asheville so we have a better understanding of our city and can point you in a direction that accommodates your interests. Indisputably Asheville has something for everyone!

Our food and beer scene are out of this world, in my humble opinion! Recently 3 of Asheville’s chefs have been nominated for  James Beard Awards! NPR named Asheville the “Napa Valley of beer” with over 30 breweries! As an innkeeper, we do the dirty work for you by dining at all the restaurants and tasting all the beers. It’s a tough life!

Hiking? It’s breathtaking!  Western North Carolina has you covered from sunrise to sunset hikes!  And every single day brings a different hike.  Our photo from the top of Craggy Pinnacle shows the same spot 3 weeks apart. Mother Nature does not disappoint at 5,892 feet!  We recommend a trip to Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.

Book Direct at One of Our Member Inns

At an Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association property,  you are getting a personal city guide built into your room rate. We all love this city and surrounding Western North Carolina so much and enjoy the opportunity to share it with you.  Give one of our B&Bs a call to help you plan your Asheville vacation!


The Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association is a collection of diverse Bed & Breakfasts located in Asheville, North Carolina and the surrounding area. Check out our Specials (updated monthly) and don’t forget your Cookbook, a perfect way to take a little of our hospitality with you.


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