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Amusing Museums in Asheville

Updated: 1 day ago

Asheville is a city steeped in rich history. Between buildings and families dating back to colonial times and up and coming modern artists in the town, there are more museums in the city than you could visit in a lifetime! Luckily for you, we’ve laid out some of our favorite museums in Asheville that simply cannot be missed.

Downtown Asheville areal view.

After 3 years of renovations, expectations were pretty high for the Asheville Art Museum. When the doors finally opened mid-November, those expectations were exceeded as the state of the art facility grew to include 70% more gallery space. Among the incredible permanent collections, the museum boasts a wide variety of rotation exhibitions. The most talked-about exhibit on site is Appalachia Now! An Interdisciplinary Survey of Contemporary Art in Southern Appalachia, which showcases the work of over 50 artists in the region to perfectly capture life in the Appalachian Mountains.

Explore the science behind sound at the Moogseum, an interactive museum devoted to the legacy of Bob Moog, the inventor of the synthesizer. Learn about Bob Moog’s incredible life and his impact on modern music, see how electricity turns into sound, or try out the Learning Synthesis for a hands-on way to experience the basics of sound synthesis. You’ll be humming and noticing noises all around you in a different light after a stop at this museum. After touring the museum, retreat to the historic Princess Anne Hotel which is just blocks from downtown.

Are you someone that wants to touch everything in the museum? Then head to the Asheville Pinball Museum which is a working arcade in downtown Asheville. Take a step back in time to find nostalgic games that you haven’t thought about for years alongside rare and unique pinball games that may just become your new favorite. For a fun date night, grab a cup of coins and play the night away!

Explore the country’s oldest handicraft shop! The Folk Art Center stands for the incredible weavers, furniture builders, potters, woodcarvers, and artists from the Southern Highlands. Since the 1930s, craftsmen have come together to help create traditional and modern crafts by hosting educational seminars and hands-on demonstrations. Visit the museum, explore the exhibitions, and meander through the American Craft library which is rich with knowledge.

Just north of downtown in Grovewood Village lies one of the most acclaimed car museums in America. In 1966, Harry Blomberg opened the Antique Car Museum with his own prized collection of vintage automobiles. The details on these cars are simply immaculate. You can still find similarities between the 1915 Ford Model T and the current Ford cars on the road today.

Grovewood Village rests on the old grounds of Biltmore Industries, a historic complex that once produced the finest handwoven wool fabric in America. Today, you can learn about the history of the complex with a tour of the Biltmore Homespun Museum. After your time at the museum, spend some time exploring the beautiful Grovewood Village and book a stay at The Reynolds Mansion, just minutes from the museum.

Visit one of these museums for a fun date night or string them all together for a weekend you won’t soon forget! You’ll not only learn a lot at these fascinating museums, but you’ll have a blast playing pinball, inspecting antique cars, and creating your own homemade crafts.

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